The DNA Way to Solve Industrial Pollution Based on htDNA-chip®

The DNA Way to Solve Industrial Pollution Based on htDNA-chip®

The DNA way to solve industrial pollution

The discharge of a large amount of industrial wastewater is the main cause of industrial pollution. Industrial wastewater mainly contains raw materials from industrial production, by-products and pollutants produced in the production process. Due to the wide variety of chemical industries, the composition of industrial wastewater is also very complicated. For example, the wastewater from the electrolytic salt industry contains mercury, and the wastewater from the heavy metal smelting industry contains various metals such as lead and cadmium. The electroplating industry wastewater contains many heavy metals such as cyanide and chromium. Phenol is contained in petroleum refining industrial wastewater, and various pesticides are contained in pesticide manufacturing industrial wastewater. Because industrial wastewater contains many toxic substances, it will seriously pollute the environment and cause great harm to human health. Therefore, it is urgent to purify sewage. The construction of genetically engineered bacterias through genetic engineering can alleviate the environmental pollution caused by industrial wastewater. On the one hand, genetically engineered bacterias can degrade high pollutants and convert them into biogas, alcohol and organic materials. On the other hand, genetically modified bacterias can change the traditional production process to make it cleaner, more ecological, and waste-free.

The DNA Way to Solve Industrial Pollution

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in the DNA way to solve industrial pollution?

In the treatment of industrial wastewater and industrial pollution, genetically engineered bacterias occupies a very important position. Our high-throughput DNA synthesis htDNA-chip® platform can contribute to the research and development of a variety of environmentally friendly genetically engineered bacterias. The high-throughput performance of htDNA-chip® can promote the screening speed and improve the construction process. In the process of industrial production, starting with sewage treatment only treats the symptoms rather than the root cause. The htDNA-chip® technology platform can also start from the source. By changing the traditional production method, the entire production process becomes clean and environmentally friendly.

htDNA chip in the process of the the way to solve industrial pollutionFig.2 htDNA-chip® in the process of the the way to solve industrial pollution

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