DNA-based Medical Beauty Based on htDNA-chip®

DNA-based Medical Beauty Based on htDNA-chip®

The background of medical beauty?

With the development of society, people are becoming more and more concerned about appearance and body type. The medical beauty industry came into being and developed rapidly. The application of DNA technology in the medical beauty industry is becoming more and more common. Firstly, genetic testing related to skin conditions and obesity is more and more popular. According to the test results, the obesity type and skin condition can be known clearly, and the appearance and body shape problems can be solved in a targeted manner, which can help doctors provide the exclusive customization of skin care products for beauty lovers. Secondly, mass production of a series of protein beauty products can be achieved through genetic modification technology. For example, peptides, cytokines, active substances, they can repair damaged skin. DNA technology penetrates from the physical level to the cell level. The unique cell growth factors are required by the skin. By activating the cells, adjusting the metabolic function of the cells, supplementing the essential substances required for cell metabolism, repairing damaged tissues, and solving the skin, You will achieve anti-aging. Thirdly, the repair of scars through DNA technology will bring good news to patients with burns and postoperative scars. DNA technology will realize dermal culture in vitro for the treatment of skin damage.

DNA based Medical Beauty

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in medical beauty?

As shown in the figure below, our silicon-based htDNA-chip® technology platform can be applied to the following aspects. By constructing the DNA library, you can screen out genes related to skin and body type. Then you can proceed to use high-throughput next-generation sequencing technology to determine the skin problems at the genetic level and predict potential problems. Genetic testing provides help for customized skin care. In addition, htDNA-chip® can promote the production of skin care products by promoting genetically modified technology. You can activate dormant cells and repair damaged cells through cytokines, and achieve the purpose of reversing cell senescence. Finally, htDNA-chip® technology platform can provide help for the in vitro culture of the dermis for all kinds of scar repair. For example, transgenic technology uses animals as donors for in vitro clonal culture of skin, and finally the cultured skin is used for the treatment of burn patients. In terms of medical beauty, htDNA-chip® still has a lot of potentials to be explored.

htDNA-chip in the process of medical beautyFig.1 htDNA-chip® in the process of medical beauty

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