Genetically Engineered Bacterias Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®

Genetically Engineered Bacterias Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®

The background of genetically engineered bacterias drugs?

Genetically engineered drugs refer to a series of biological products with biological activity that are developed through recombinant DNA technology combined with modern biotechnology such as fermentation engineering, cell engineering, and enzyme engineering to prevent and treat major human diseases. Genetically engineered drugs mainly include recombinant antibodies, nucleic acid vaccines, protein drugs and antibiotics. Among them, the indispensable part in the production of protein drugs and antibiotics is transgenic bacterias. Protein drugs usually refer to proteins that have preventive and therapeutic effects on certain diseases. The first step is to screen out the genes that control the process of protein synthesis in the DNA library. Then through the process of gene recombination, the gene is put into the recipient cells. After the successful integration of the target gene and the recipient cell genome, the large-scale production of the target protein is finally realized. At present, artificially synthesized protein drugs include human insulin, interferon, growth hormone and so on. Antibiotic drugs mainly refer to a class of secondary metabolites produced by bacterias or fungi that have anti-pathogen and can interfere with the development of other living cells. For example, in the production of penicillin, before genetic modification, the antibiotics yield was low, the production process was cumbersome, and the price was high. Genetic engineering for this kind of bacterias can greatly increase the production of antibiotics and also ensure safety.

The applications of genetically engineered bacterias drugs.Fig.1 The applications of genetically engineered bacterias drugs.

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in protein drugs and antibiotics?

Protein drugs and antibiotics are mainly produced by transgenic bacterias. In this process, htDNA-chip® technology platform can mainly be used as an amplification platform for cloned gene fragments and a verification platform for successful integration of target genes. Our high-throughput htDNA-chip® technology platform ensures high efficiency and high precision in the amplification and detection process.

genetically engineered bacterias drugs.

  • Through htDNA-chip®, the output of genetically engineered drugs can finally be increased.
  • Through htDNA-chip®, the safety of the drug production process and products can be ensured.
  • Through htDNA-chip®, you can greatly reduce your costs and greatly increase your profits.

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