Biological Research Tools

Biological Research Tools

What is the importance of DNA in biological research?

As the most important genetic material, DNA is passed between the upper and lower generations of a species through self-replication. It is a necessary condition for maintaining the stability of the genetic material of the species and enabling the species to continue to multiply. DNA-based gene technology is an important part of the modern biological science and technology system. With the innovative development and continuous optimization of modern biological sciences, DNA has had an important impact on human production and life. DNA is an important genetic material that affects biological development and the operation of life functions. DNA plays the most important role in biological research. In the process of biological science research, as a basic research project of biological science, DNA guides the direction of biological research and promotes the process of biological research. Therefore, laying a good foundation for DNA biological research is very important.

Biological Research Tools

What are the applications of htDNA-chip® in biological research?

Our silicon-based high-precision DNA synthesis htDNA chip® platform can generate higher quality genes because of significantly improved throughput and scalability. The technology platform can be used as a biological research tool in the basic field of biological research. Based on the htDNA-chip® technology platform, applications mainly include the following aspects: oligo pools synthesis, gene synthesis, next-generation sequencing and gene library construction. htDNA-chip® supports the preparation of oligo pools at any sizesm the synthesis of various gene fragments, the production of next-generation sequencing kits, and the exclusive customization of DNA libraries. Through htDNA-chip®, not only can the delivery cycle be short, but also proprietary customization of DNA can be achieved.

Oligo  Pools

Oligo Pools

Through htDNA-chip® technology platform, it is possible to design and customize oligo pools at any size and performance. In addition, the cycle of the oligo pools is short and the accuracy is high.

Gene  Synthesis

Gene Synthesis

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, personalized and flexible customization of the target gene can be achieved. Moreover, the technology platform can also achieve high-throughput synthesis of target genes.

Next-Generation  Sequencing

Next-Generation Sequencing

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, high-throughput next-generation sequencing and the customization of next-generation sequencing kits can be realized.

Library  Preparation

Library Preparation

Through the htDNA chip® technology platform, you can not only obtain these fixed libraries including cDNA libraries, variant libraries, and gDNA libraries, but also realize the personalized customization of various libraries.

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in Biological Research

  • High-throughput and high-precision DNA synthesis in your biological research
  • Reduce the cost in your biological research
  • Flexibility in the exclusive customization in your biological research
  • Be environmentally friendly in your biological research

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.