Food Industry

Food Industry

The background of DNA technology in the food industry

The application of DNA technology in the food industry is mainly focused on the cultivation of genetically modified species and the identification of food safety by the biotechnology testing method. Firstly, people can use genetic engineering to achieve gene transfer or DNA recombination between different species to obtain food materials. In addition, protein engineering uses gene cloning to carry out locational mutations in DNA, and improve the nutritional value of food through the improvement of protein molecules. Secondly, people use cell engineering such as cell fusion technology to produce various health food active ingredients and food additives according to predetermined designs, transform food materials, and even create new varieties. Thirdly, people use enzyme engineering to change the physical and chemical properties of enzymes, improve the catalytic activity and conversion capacity of enzymes. Fourthly, people use fermentation engineering to cultivate strains, optimize fermentation process conditions, and improve fermentation equipment. According to the purpose of fermentation, modern fermentation equipment is used to expand cultivation and control fermentation to obtain predetermined food and food additives. Fifthly, people use modern biological detection technology to improve food safety and protect consumers' right to know.

Food Industry

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in food industry?

As we can see in the picture below, in the production of the food industry, our high-throughput htDNA-chip® technology platform is mainly used in the following two aspects. Firstly, htDNA-chip® technology platform is applied to the cultivation of genetically modified crops and microorganisms, including food improvement, processing and production. The high throughput of htDNA-chip® technology platform can greatly promote the wide application of DNA technology in the food industry, which can greatly save the cost of production, improve the quality of products, and enhance the safety of food. In addition, you can improve the food production process through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, which will greatly reduce the emission of pollutants during the production process and make a great contribution to environmental protection. Secondly, htDNA-chip® technology platform can be applied to food safety identification, mainly through high-throughput next-generation gene sequencing to quickly determine food types and identify food spoilage. Our htDNA-chip® technology platform can provide guarantee for food safety and contribute to people's healthy life.

htDNA-chip in the process of food industryFig.1 htDNA-chip® in the process of food industry

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