DNA-based Therapy Based on htDNA-chip®

DNA-based Therapy Based on htDNA-chip®

The overview of DNA-based therapy

DNA-based drug development and production are playing an increasingly important role in modern medicine. The application of DNA-based therapy mainly includes DNA-encoded compound library for new drugs research, genetically engineered bacterias drugs, nuelic acid vaccines, recombinant antibodies, small nucleic acid drugs, and gene editing. Firstly, we can quickly promote the development of new drugs through the construction of DNA coding libraries. Secondly, we can realize the mass production of protein drugs, antibiotic drugs and recombinant antibodies by developing genetic recombination drugs. Thirdly, to achieve targeted treatment of rare diseases and tumors through research on small nucleic acid drugs. In addition, we can repair abnormal genes by performing gene editing at the DNA level to achieve targeted mutations of genes. The treatment of diseases by genetic methods are more targeted, safer and more effective than traditional methods.

DNA based Therapy

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in DNA-based therapy?

Our silicon-based high-throughput htDNA-chip® technology platform mainly provides DNA amplification platforms and high-throughput next-generation sequencing platforms for DNA-based therapy, which are used for the construction of various types of DNA libraries and high-precision DNA synthesis.

DNA-encoded Compound Library for New Drugs Research

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, the customization of DNA-encoded library with any performance can be achieved. htDNA-chip® can quickly screen out the required lead compounds in a customized DNA-encoded library through high-throughput next-generation sequencing, greatly improving the efficiency of new drug development.

Genetically Engineered Bacterias Drugs

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, you can obtain a large number of genetically modified bacteria through genetic recombination for the production of protein drugs or antibiotics. Compared with traditional protein drugs production, drugs obtained through genetically modified bacteria from htDNA-chip® are safer, more efficient and cheaper.

Nucleic Acid Vaccines

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, high-throughput next-generation sequencing can be used for antigen gene sequencing.In addition, high-throughput DNA synthesis technology can be used for high-throughput mass production of nucleic acid vaccines. htDNA-chip® can greatly speeding up the development of vaccines.

Recombinant Antibodies

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, not only the construction of antibody libraries for antibody screening, but also the customization of specific antibodies can be achieved through genetic recombination. htDNA-chip® can meet the design and customization of antibodies at any performance.

Small Nucleic Acid Drugs Development

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, you can not only quickly obtain the target gene sequencing results, but also conduct pre-screening of small nucleic acid drugs through a customized DNA library. htDNA-chip® can greatly accelerate the development of small nucleic acid drugs, thereby bringing the possibility of curing more rare diseases.

Gene Editing

Through the htDNA-chip® technology platform, you can identify the results of gene editing through high-throughput sequencing. Gene editing can realize the repair of missing, mutation, and redundant memory segments through targeted editing of the gene you want to edit. The purpose of gene editing is clear and can cure diseases from the root cause.

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in DNA-based therapy?

  • The high-throughput DNA synthesis, amplification, and sequencing platform advances the process of drugs acquisition
  • htDNA-chip® platform is highly accurate and low-cost but ensure drugs safety during the production

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