Next-Generation Sequencing Based on htDNA-chip®

Next-Generation Sequencing Based on htDNA-chip®

What is next-generation sequencing?

DNA sequencing refers to the analysis of the base sequence of specific DNA fragments, namely the arrangement of adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G). The emergence of rapid DNA sequencing methods can greatly promote the research and discovery of biology and medicine. At present, the lowest-cost and high-throughput next-generation sequencing is the most widely used. Next-generation sequencing technology, also known as high-throughput sequencing technology, solves the problem that first-generation sequencing can only measure one sequence. With the development of biological research, people began to analyze all sequence information in a species or sample. At this time, the first-generation sequencing method cannot meet needs, and the next-generation sequencing technology was born under this situation. We call next-generation sequencing high-throughput sequencing because it can measure multiple sequences at once. First, DNA is physically or chemically broken down into countless small fragments randomly, and these fragments are enriched by constructing a library. Then putting the library into a sequencer, which has areas where DNA fragments can be attached. Each fragment has its own area. In this way, the sequencer can detect all DNA sequences at once. Finally, through bioinformatics analysis, small fragments are spliced ​​into long fragments to obtain specific DNA sequencing results.

Next-Generation Sequencing

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in the next-generation sequencing?

htDNA-chip® technology platform can synthesize millions of specific nucleotide chains in a single run to meet your needs. htDNA-chip® can help prepare next-generation sequencing libraries quickly and efficiently, covering the whole-genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, targeted sequencing, exome sequencing, microbial sequencing, mitochondrial sequencing and so on. htDNA chip® technology platform can quickly provide you with customized sequencing panels and kits to help you obtain sequencing results faster and more efficiently.

The workflow of htDNA-chip for the next-generation sequencingFig.1 The workflow of htDNA-chip® for the next-generation sequencing

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in the next-generation sequencing

  • Short turnaround and high fidelity customization
  • htDNA-chip® technology platform provides high-throughput and high-fidelity guarantees for the screening and amplification of high-performance probes. CD BioSciences combines precise oligonucleotide synthesis with a scalable silicon-based manufacturing platform to achieve customized rapid design, synthesis and optimization.

  • Without limiting the size and target area
  • If you choose our htDNA-chip® technology platform, you don't need to limit your imagination and needs. We have professional experts who can respond quickly, take into account your various needs and ideas, and develop exclusive solutions for you. We can make a variety of solutions for you at the same time for one demand. We always think about problems from the perspective of customers.

  • Flexible customization
  • htDNA-chip® technology platform is more flexible than other competitors. During the customization process, CD BioScinences are willing to accept your ideas at any time to expand and enhance the customized results.

All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis. If you are interested in CD BioSciences' htDNA-chip® platform, please contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.