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In CD BioSciences, we are committed to the construction and development of a high-throughput and high-precision DNA synthesis platform. At the same time, we are also actively promoting the application of the platform in the field of biological research, environmental protection, and also daily life. Relying on our professional technical developers and strong background resources, CD BioSiences is advancing the innovative development of DNA step by step. Do you want to be a part of us? Maybe you will be the one who changes the world.

Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is based on innovation, pragmatism and integrity, and is characterized by tolerance and diversity. The spirit of innovation powers our technological research and development. Pragmatism and integrity lay a solid foundation for the construction of the technology platform and the production of products. At the same time, our team is committed to creating a good working environment that everyone feels valued, so that everyone has a sense of participation in the construction of the company.

Our Employees

Every one of our employees is an ideal and ambitious talent from the biological field. They are eager to stand out in the industry. Every employee of our company is inseparable from the vitality of our company, so we can invest in every employee with confidence.

Our Reward

CD BioSciences provides a multi-faceted and competitive welfare plan for each original employee to meet the life needs, health and well-being of each employee. We provide every employee with the work support and life support they deserve to ensure that every employee can work with peace of mind.

Our Opportunity

Our various functional departments may have job vacancies at any time, and the possibilities are endless. If you join us, you will find the most suitable position for you in the shortest period of time and raise your career to a new level. We are looking forward to your joining to inject new vitality into the company, don't be stingy to display your talents.

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