Oligo Pools Based on htDNA-chip®

Oligo Pools Based on htDNA-chip®

What are the oligo pools?

Oligonucleotide refers to a very short single or double-stranded fragment of nucleic acid that can be joined together to form a single-stranded biopolymers. Oligo Pools are customizable genomic research products polymerized from various oligonucleotide fragments, playing an important role in gene synthesis, next-generation sequencing, library preparation, and so on.

oligo pools

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in oligo pools?

Our htDNA-chip® technology platform enables exclusive oligo pools customization, which enables simultaneous synthesis of millions of oligonucleotide sequences on a silicon-based chip in a single run. The resulting oligo pools are chemically cleaved and dissolved in tubules, and the final product is delivered to the customer as a pool of single nucleotides in the tubules. Once you have the oligo pools, you can use it directly in your experiments. htDNA-chip® platform ensures efficient coupling at every step and high quality of the final oligo pools.

The workflow of htDNA-chip for oligo poolsFig.1 The workflow of htDNA-chip® for oligo pools

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in oligo pools

  • htDNA-chip® implements oligo pools customization without sequence and performance restrictions
  • Silicon-based DNA chips are the most important part of htDNA-chip® technology platform. Each DNA chip contains thousands of holes for synthesizing DNA. Through htDNA-chip®, because the synthesis sequence of each hole is artificially controlled, each hole can synthesize a unique nucleotide sequence. The sheer scale of on-chip DNA synthesis capabilities means that htDNA-chip® technology platform can synthesize thousands of customized nucleotide sequences in a single run. There is no limit to the number of nucleotide sequences you can customize in oligo pools that you can eventually make. 

  • htDNA-chip® implements the error rate to a minimum
  • Through htDNA-chip® technology platform, we control the base introduction sequence by independently controlling the temperature of each hole on the silicon chip, which enables you to customize oligo pools for the synthesis of unique nucleotide sequences. The technology platform enables accuracy testing at every step of the DNA synthesis process and immediately removes faulty nucleotide chains when detected, ensuring high fidelity for the oligo pools. htDNA-chip® implements the error rate to a minimum. htDNA-chip® technology platform can help you avoid contingency in your research, ensure the accuracy of your results, and reduce unnecessary time waste in error detection.

    The process of htDNA chipFig.2 The process of htDNA-chip® to make the nucleotide chain accurately

  • htDNA-chip® implements chain length up to 300nt
  • Through htDNA-chip® technology platform, there is no need to be limited by the length of the nucleotide chain. The longest length of our oligonucleotide chain can reach 300nt. In addition, our oligo pools also customize some of the elements and sequences you need for subsequent processing, such as promoters, enhancers, promoters, and probes. Not only you can get the nucleotide chain length up to 300nt, but also you can easily encode more elements later.

  • htDNA-chip® implements greatly costs redution
  • Traditional oligo pools synthesis is slow, low yield and high cost. Compared with traditional DNA synthesis methods, htDNA-chip® can provide you with a large amount of DNA in a short time, which can greatly reduce your cost. Because it is possible to synthesize large amounts of DNA with low error rates in a short period of time, the average price of a single nucleotide chain is low compared to other platforms.

The customized parameter reference of htDNA-chip®

The length of oligo Up to 300nt
The size of oligo pools Pool at any size is allowed
Error rate Up to 1/2000
Turn-around time Within 5 days

All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis. If you are interested in CD BioSciences' htDNA-chip® platform, please contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.