Chemicals from Transgenic Bacterias Based on htDNA-chip®

Chemicals from Transgenic Bacterias Based on htDNA-chip®

The background of chemicals from transgenic bacterias

The use of various industrial chemicals in daily life is becoming more and more common, but the pollution problem in the production process has always been a very troublesome problem. The improvement of traditional production methods through biological means can not only achieve safer production, but also achieve cleaner production processes to reduce the generation of waste water and waste gas. For example, people use fermentation technology and the introduction of genetically engineered bacterias to produce industrial chemicals, and ultimately realize the conversion of low-cost sugar, straw, carbon dioxide and other carbon sources into high-value organic acids, clean fuels and other products. On the one hand, the introduction of genetically engineered bacterias can replace the part of the highly polluting petrochemical industry and relieve environmental pressure. On the other hand, the introduction of genetically engineered bacterias can realize the recycling and reuse of some non-degradable industrial chemicals to reduce the pollution of non-degradable industrial chemicals. For companies, the cost of raw materials for the production of chemicals is reduced and finally the profit is increased. For the environment, pollution is greatly reduced, and the production of industrial chemicals will form an environmentally friendly chemical production ecological chain.

Chemicals from Transgenic Bacterias

What are the applications of htDNA-chip® in chemicals from transgenic bacterias?

Our silicon-based htDNA-chip® technology platform is mainly used for the screening and identification of genetically engineered bacterias. The high-throughput next-generation sequencing of the technology platform can accelerate the screening and identification process, and promote the application of genetically engineered bacterias in industrial chemicals production. In addition, based on the high throughput and reproducibility of htDNA-chip®, our technology platform can provide hundreds of DNA strands for your design and improvement process of genetically engineered bacterias in a single run to ensure that you can finally screen out the genetically engineered bacterias that best meets your expectations. With the development of the times, the traditional high-pollution and high-toxicity production methods no longer meet the environmental requirements. If you want to introduce genetically engineered bacterias into your chemicals production to reduce pollution, htDNA-chip® technology platform is the most correct choice.

htDNA-chip in the process of the production of chemicals from transgenic bacteriasFig.1 htDNA-chip® in the process of the production of chemicals from transgenic bacterias

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