Gene Synthesis Based on htDNA-chip®

Gene Synthesis Based on htDNA-chip®

Gene cloning in gene synthesis

Gene synthesis refers to the artificial synthesis of double-stranded DNA molecules in vitro. At present, the required target DNA fragments are mainly obtained and amplified through gene cloning. Gene cloning is a revolutionary research technology, which can be summarized as: dividing, cutting, connecting, transferring, and selecting. The ultimate goal is to introduce the target gene into the host cell through corresponding technical means, and the target gene is replicated in large numbers in the host cell. "Dividing" refers to the separation and preparation of qualified DNA to be manipulated, including the DNA used as a carrier and the target DNA to be cloned. "Cutting" refers to the use of sequence-specific restriction enzymes to cut the vector DNA, or cut out the target gene. "Connecting" refers to the use of DNA ligase to connect the target DNA with the vector DNA to form a recombinant DNA molecule. "Transferring" refers to the delivery of recombinant DNA molecules into host cells for replication and amplification by special methods. "Selecting" refers to selecting individuals carrying recombinant DNA molecules from the host population.

Schematic diagram of gene cloning processFig.1 Schematic diagram of gene cloning process

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in the gene synthesis?

htDNA-chip® technology platform can synthesize thousands of genes in one run, and synthesize the target genes you need for you. Because htDNA-chip® is scalable, high-precision oligonucleotide production can achieve high-quality DNA synthesis and assembly to meet all your DNA synthesis needs. Regardless of genes of various lengths or difficulties, through htDNA-chip® platform, we can fully meet all your needs under the premise of ensuring high precision. Relying on htDNA-chip®, CD BioSciences will continue to carry out technological innovation and exploration, and do its best to complete high-quality gene synthesis services for you in the shortest time.

The workflow of htDNA-chip for gene synthesisFig.2 The workflow of htDNA-chip® for gene synthesis

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in gene synthesis

  • Short synthesis cycle
  • The scalable high-throughput htDNA-chip® technology platform ensures that a large number of genes can be synthesized for you in a short time. Your request can be free of concerns and restrictions. No matter how much DNA you need, we can deliver it within the same synthesis cycle time.

  • High quality but low cost
  • CD BioSciences can assure you that the sequence is 100% correct with the gene synthesized through htDNA-chip® technology platform. Every gene we synthesize and customize for you is guaranteed to be accurate after next-generation sequencing. htDNA-chip® makes sure that there are no deletions or insertions in every gene segment. You don't need to worry about errors in gene fragments, CD BioSciences guarantees you can rest assured to carry out the next experiments.

  • Flexibility of target gene
  • On the premise of ensuring DNA quality, htDNA-chip® can meet all your needs for the target gene. According to your gene needs, we can provide you with gene reference design solutions, restriction site design solutions, and codon optimization solutions for you to choose. Our flexible genetic design program can meet your various needs.

All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis. If you are interested in CD BioSciences' htDNA-chip® platform, please contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.