Synthesis Based on htDNA-chip®

Synthesis Based on htDNA-chip®

The overview of the DNA synthesis in DNA storage

In the step of using DNA to store information, DNA synthesis can be carried out after DNA coding is completed. DNA synthesis is a very important step in data storage. This is the first step when data begins to be written into DNA strands. The synthesis process of DNA strands is actually the storage process of data. DNA used for information storage has relatively high requirements for quality and accuracy. Once the information is written incorrectly at the beginning, it will inevitably affect the progress of the next series of amplification, sequencing, and data readout steps. In the process of writing data into DNA, when there are special requirements for assembly and customization of the DNA strand, it can be modified and assembled by means of gene recombination or gene editing. DNA preparation always plays an important role in the process of storing data into DNA.


What can htDNA-chip® platform do in DNA synthesis in DNA storage?

If you want to store data through DNA, the process of writing information and data into DNA must strictly follow the sequence of coding design. Only by ensuring that each base is accessed correctly can the information written into the DNA correspond to the information read out. And only in this way, the method of storing data through DNA makes sense. Otherwise, the advantages of DNA over traditional methods of storing information are meaningless. Ensuring that the writing and reading of data is accurate is the most basic and important requirement for storing data through DNA. The high quality and high precision of DNA synthesis is the most important advantage of htDNA-chip® technology platform. Most importantly, htDNA-chip® can synthesize DNA on demand at high throughput. Every DNA fragment synthesized through htDNA-chip® technology platform contains a digital "bar code" that records its position in the original file. Each segment is combined into multiple copies to help correct errors. In this way, htDNA-chip® can avoid errors that may occur with low probability in encoding. After the DNA coding is completed, these data-carrying DNA can be stored for decades or even hundreds of years under certain conditions.

htDNA-chip in the process of DNA synthesis in DNA storageFig.1 htDNA-chip® in the process of DNA synthesis in DNA storage

  • High-throughput DNA synthesis provides guarantee for high-efficiency encoding of data into DNA
  • High-precision DNA synthesis guarantees the accuracy of data storage

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