Small Nucleic Acid Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®

Small Nucleic Acid Drugs Based on htDNA-chip®

What is the small nucleic acid drugs?

Nowadays, small nucleic acid drugs show great potential in healthcare, mainly including small interfering RNA (siRNA) drugs and microRNA (miRNA) drugs. Small nucleic acid drugs start treatment from the gene level. Its biggest advantage is that it only needs to develop sequences suitable for small nucleic acid drugs. This method avoids blindness in the drug development process. After determining the target sequence of small nucleic acid drugs, the drug development process is faster. Small nucleic acid drugs are specific to disease-causing genes because of specific targets and mechanisms of action. The main mechanism of small nucleic acid drugs is to inhibit the expression of target proteins by acting on mRNA through gene silencing. Rare diseases and tumors are the most widely used areas of small nucleic acid drugs. These areas happen to be the bottleneck of modern healthcare. The specific regulatory mechanisms of the two small nucleic acid drugs are as follows.

The regulatory mechanism of siRNAFig.1 (a)The regulatory mechanism of siRNA; (Alshaer, W.; et al. 2021) (b) The regulatory mechanism of miRNA. (Tétreault, N.; De Guire, V. 2013)

What can htDNA-chip® platform do in nucleic acid drug development?

At present, the research hotspots of small nucleic acid drugs mainly focus on chemical modification and delivery systems of drugs. htDNA-chip® technology platform can provide high-throughput DNA synthesis and sequencing to facilitate your small nucleic acid drug research. htDNA-chip® lays a solid foundation for your nucleic acid drug research without any worries.

Provide various DNA libraries for your screening

htDNA-chip® technology platform can provide you with various types of libraries, including inherent libraries and can also be customized according to your needs. Various libraries ensure that you can screen out the DNA template of your target gene fragment. In the development of small nucleic acid drugs, htDNA-chip® greatly reduces unnecessary wasted time and provides you with the most effective help.

Provide rapid target gene sequencing

The htDNA-chip® technology platform provides you with high-throughput next-generation sequencing, which is convenient for you to select the best target sequence in drug design. Next-generation sequencing can simultaneously sequence multiple samples in parallel, and htDNA-chip® can provide all sequencing results for your selection in a single run.

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