Library Preparation Based on htDNA-chip®

Library Preparation Based on htDNA-chip®

What is gene library?

Many DNA fragments containing different genes of a certain organism are introduced into a population of recipient bacteria and stored. Each recipient bacteria contains different genes of this organism, which is called a gene library. Gene library is conducive to the study of the sequence organization of genes in the natural state, and it is an effective means to obtain eukaryotic target genes.Gene libraries have a wide range of uses, such as human, animal and plant genomics research, gene expression regulation research, analysis and isolation of specific gene fragments. Libraries have been increasingly used in research fields, such as high-throughput drug target screening, directed evolution of protein engineering, genetic vaccines, antibody modification, and analysis of biological genetic functions.


What can htDNA-chip® platform do in the library preparation?

The high-throughput silicon-based htDNA-chip® technology platform can synthesize large amounts of DNA with high efficiency and high fidelity in one run, and can be used for the preparation and construction of various gene libraries. In addition to the libraries that have been constructed, including cDNA libraries, variant libraries, and gDNA libraries. htDNA-chip® technology platform is also dedicated to custom libraries for you. Custom libraries can ensure that none of your ideas are realized. After establishment, each library will be verified by next-generation sequencing to ensure accuracy.

htDNA-chip platform in gene library preparation processFig.1 htDNA-chip® platform in gene library preparation process

cDNA Libraries cDNA Libraries

cDNA library refers to a group of clones containing cDNA molecules encoded by all genes of an organism. The htDNA-chip® technology platform uses mRNA as a template, reverse transcripts into cDNA in vitro under the catalysis of reverse transcriptase, connects to a suitable vector to transform the recipient bacteria, and then each bacteria contains a cDNA that can be multiplied and amplified. The collection of cDNA clones containing all the mRNA information of a cell is called a cell cDNA library. cDNA library has special advantages in studying the expression status of the genome in specific types of cells and the functional identification of expressed genes.

cDNA Libraries Variation Libraries

The construction of gene mutant library is a combination of a large number of DNA variant sequences, which is the product of the combination of gene synthesis, gene mutation and directed evolution research. The construction of gene mutant library is the use of molecular directed evolution to simulate the process of natural selection, changing the amino acid sequence of the original protein, in order to obtain mutant proteins with specific functions. The gene mutation library service provided by htDNA-chip® technology platform can only mutate the specified amino acid or nucleotide sequence according to your requirements, while ensuring the capacity, diversity and integrity of the library, which can be used for the construction and screening of protein antibody libraries.

cDNA Libraries gDNA Libraries

CRlSPR/Cas9 technology is an important tool for gene editing, which mainly uses gRNA to guide Cas nuclease to make specific DNA modifications to targeted genes. The gRNA library is an ideal tool for drug screening or targeted screening of specific pathways. The establishment of a gRNA library can play important functions in functional gene screening, disease mechanism research, and drug development. Our technology platform can provide you with the following gRNA libraries: whole-genome libraries, lncRNA libraries, signaling pathways, apoptosis, cell proliferation, ion channels, nuclear receptor-related, and various disease-related libraries.

cDNA Libraries Custom Libraries

The high-throughput and high-precision gene synthesis method of the proprietary htDNA-chip® technology platform provides a unique method for library creation. Put forward your ideas. Our technology platform can give a solution and build a database in a very short time. However, the prerequisite for rapid library construction is high quality, and every customized library will pass second-generation sequencing before it is officially established. You can rest assured that the idea you gave is exactly what you get now.

Advantages of htDNA-chip® in library preparation

  • A variety of selectable libraries, including cDNA libraries, variant libraries, gDNA libraries and custom libraries.
  • High-throughput and high-precision DNA synthesis based on htDNA-chip® technology platforms to make short cycle.
  • Every library is verified by next-generation sequencing to ensure accuracy.
  • The professional teams design the customized library for you to reduce your worries.

All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis. If you are interested in CD BioSciences' htDNA-chip® platform, please contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.